Which fish should I eat? – Which is the best fish to eat for health


Which is the best fish to eat for health: We might all have this similar question so lets us discuss today which fish to eat. Fish is one of the healthiest foods that you and I can consume. Fish is rich in many nutrients. In such a situation, while most people in India are deficient in Vitamin D and Vitamin B12, consuming fish can help you overcome the deficiency of these nutrients. Apart from this, fish is also found in plenty of good fat and high biological value protein, due to which fish can also be helpful in heart health, immune system, reproductive system, brain development, and anemia.

India is surrounded by two seas and one ocean. Also, it is the land of many lakes ranging from Brahmaputra, Ganga, Indus, and Yamuna to great rivers like Krishna, Godavari, and Kaveri in South India. Because of this, fish found in rivers and seas are available in abundance throughout the year in India.

But how can you choose which is the best fish to eat for you and your family’s health? Here is a list of nutrient-rich fish that are easily available in India – you can choose any of these fish keeping in mind your budget, taste and health needs:

Benefits of eating rohu fish


Rohu fish, also known as Labeo rohita, Roho Labeo and Rui, is found mainly in North India and Central India. It contains a good amount of protein and is rich in omega 3 fatty acids as well as vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C. Rohu is one of the best fish options for Indians, as it is easily available at affordable rates. The level of mercury in Rohu species of fish is also moderate, so it is considered safe to eat.

Benefits of eating Catla fish


Catla is also known as Indian carp or Bengal carp. Carp means big fish in the pond. Catla is a freshwater fish. It is mainly found in the lakes and rivers of Assam and North India. A fully grown catala fish can weigh up to two kilograms.

Catla is a widely consumed oily fish. There are many Catla Fish Benefits as It is a rich source of protein and essential fatty acids. In addition, a significant amount of sulfur and zinc are also found in it. All these minerals prove to be helpful in maintaining skin health and also strengthening the immune system. Despite being oily, fish is actually low in calories and hence can be a healthy option for weight loss and maintaining the right weight.

Benefits of eating Rawas fish


Rawas fish is also known as Indian salmon fish. It is found along the western coast of India. The pinkish-orange flesh of the fish is famous for its mild taste. Rawas is one of the most expensive and nutrient-rich Indian fish, known for its excellent taste and soft flesh. This fish contains a good amount of essential amino acids (proteins) that help build and maintain muscle mass. Like Catla, Rawas is also an oily fish which is a good source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.

Benefits of eating Bangda (mackerel) fish


bangda fish is also known as Indian Mackerel. It is most popular in South India and Central India. It is a rich source of nutrients like omega 3, vitamin D, and selenium, which are great for your heart health, brain health, blood pressure (improves high blood pressure), reproductive health, and maintaining hormonal balance. It also helps reduce oxidative stress in your body, which helps boost immunity by reducing inflammation (swelling and irritation).

Benefits of eating Queen Fish (Pink Perch)

The queen fish is also known as the pink perch. Perch means freshwater fish and its color is pink hence Pink Perch. It contains high amount of protein and very less amount of mercury or mercury. This fish is a great choice for athletes who are looking for a dense protein source. It is a non-fat fish, which is considered excellent for weight loss and promoting muscle mass. In most parts of India, queen fish is available at very reasonable prices, so people who want to eat it can easily buy it.

Benefits of eating surmai fish


Surmai fish is also known as King Mackerel. Surmai fish is rich in protein, omega 3 and vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 which can be beneficial in the following health problems:

  • high blood pressure
  • increase eyesight
  • strengthen bones
  • reduce the risk of pernicious anemia

Despite these many benefits, the level of mercury in surmai fish is high, so consume it in limited quantities only once a week and also make sure that you do not eat any other fish on the week you are eating surmai fish .

Benefits of eating pomfret fish


Pomfret fish is also known as Indian Butterfish. It is the most liked fish eaten in India. Pomfret is a non-oily fish and its flesh is white in color which is very tasty. This fish is rich in protein and contains omega 3 fatty acids and good amounts of vitamin A, vitamin B1 and vitamin D.

Benefits of eating hilsa fish


Hilsa or Herring is a very popular Bengali fish and is the national fish of Bangladesh. It is mainly found in states like Odisha, West Bengal, Assam and Andhra Pradesh. It is one of the expensive fish found in India. Although its flesh is very soft and tasty too. It is an oily fish and is very rich in omega 3 which is beneficial for heart health.

Benefits of eating padwa fish


padwa fish is also known as Indian oil sardine and fenugreek. padwa fish is rich in DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) which enhances memory in healthy adults and helps with brain development in children. It is also a good source of proteins, vitamins and minerals that strengthen your bones, boost the immune system, prevent inflammation and help relieve stress.

Benefits of eating Singhara Fish


The Singhara Fish is also known as the catfish. It is a low-calorie and high-protein fish that is an excellent source of nutrients like vitamin B12, selenium, omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids. This fish can be a good protein option during weight loss. Rich in these nutrients, Singhara Fish improves mental health, protects against heart disease as well as anemia. However, this fish should not be eaten by pregnant women as it contains high amounts of mercury or mercury which can harm the unborn fetus.


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