To spit or to swallow semen? Dr Cuterus answers

Your sexual escapades in the bedroom can be a lot of fun, if you clear some queries beforehand. Let’s find out if it’s a good idea to spit or swallow semen.

Sex is a whole lot of fun, right? But it also brings a ton of questions to our minds. A case in point is what you call semen. There are several women who wonder if they should spit or swallow it? But dear ladies, at the end it is your choice, says Dr Tanaya Narendra, who goes by the name of dr_cuterus on Instagram.

“It’s completely your choice, and whatever internet blogs may tell you about gaining protein and making your hair shiny, and making your skin better from swallowing; well, swallowing cum offers no medical benefits,” she shared in a YouTube video.

One of India’s leading sex-positive influencers, Leeza Mangaldas, shares the same view. In an Instagram post, she has also revealed that women can’t get pregnant from oral sex and semen, and vaginal fluids are generally easily digested by the body, if swallowed.

spit or to swallow semen
Have fun, but make sure to take care of your sexual health. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
So, what’s the hitch?

Dr Narendra has a word of caution. It is essential to know if your partner has tested negative for sexually transmitted infections or STIs. “Oral sex is a great way of transmitting STIs, and that is why condoms are flavored, so that you can use them in oral sex,” she adds.

Mangaldas also agrees that the highest risk in such cases is that of STI transmission, even if semen is not swallowed.

“Sexually transmitted infections including HPV and herpes can be contracted via unprotected oral sex whether or not you “swallow” — licking/contact with the genitals is enough—so, it’s best to use protection even during oral if you and your partner haven’t has been tested,” she explains.

Genital herpes is a disease that can lead to sores and ulcers. They occur around your mouth (if caused by oral sex) and/or around your genitals (in case of vaginal or anal sex).

spit or to swallow semen
The pleasure comes with some risks. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Dr Shilpa Ghosh, director, department of obstetrics and gynaecology at Aakash Healthcare & Super Specialty Hospital, previously told HealthShots that if sores or rashes around the mouth – symptoms of genital herpes – are experienced, getting yourself checked by a medical professional is the best thing to it.

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The last word

So ladies, you can choose to spit or swallow it as long as your partner has tested negative for STIs, and as long as you practice safe sex, It’s time to heat things up in the bedroom!


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