Olive Oil: Benefits Of Olive Oil, Uses & Side Effects

Everyone knows how beneficial olive oil is for our bodies. It affects our skin in many ways. Olive oil contains Rich sources of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, flavonoids, and many other properties, which protect skin cells from damage by free radicals. Olive oil also protects the skin from drying out due to the effects of weather and water. Many people also use olive oil to get rid of dandruff on their scalp. The best thing about olive oil is that it not only affects the body from the outside, it also affects the internal part of the body. It is wont to enhance beauty and benefit health.

Let us tell you that if you want to avoid oil and also want to lose weight, then instead of oil in the food, you can add a few drops of olive oil. This doesn’t change the taste of your food. Olive oil also has the power to reduce the factors that increase cancer.

Types of Olive Oil?

There are many sorts of vegetable oil available within the market. If you are planning to use olive oil, then first know what type of olive oil you are buying. There are many types of olive oil available in the market, which are also harmful to the body. That’s why we are telling you which type of olive oil is for what and what kind it is. Now whenever you go to buy olive oil, you will not have any kind of problem.

1. Extra Virgin olive oil –

Extra virgin oil is that the best olive oil. The amount of antioxidants and minerals in it is higher than other olive oils, but the amount of acid in it is less. There is a bit of confusion about whether or not it is perfectly suitable for cooking, as it has a low smoke point. If it is cooked on low flame, it can burn. Therefore, it is necessary to take some care while cooking in it. Yes, if you want, you can use it as a topping in salads, vegetables, or other foods. It is very expensive compared to other olive oils. It is possible that not everyone can purchase it.

2. Virgin Olive Oil –

This olive oil is very popular, it is used for cooking and the amount of acid is also less in it. No chemicals are used to make it. There is a slight difference between virgin olive oil and extra virgin olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil is often used as a topping, but can’t be used for deep frying. At the same time, virgin olive oil can be used for cooking. Also, there is a slight difference in the taste of both. Apart from that, it is cheaper than extra virgin olive oil.

3. Pure olive oil –

This is often a mix of refined vegetable oil and additional virgin vegetable oil. The amount of nutrients in it is less as compared to other olive oils because it is not made by the cold process method. Although you can use it in cooking, if you use it for hair and skin, then it will be more beneficial.

4. Pomace Grade Olive Oil –

This is also a type of olive oil and it is available in the market. It is least used in cooking, as it has a high smoking point. In terms of quality, it’s but extra virgin and virgin vegetable oil.

5. Lampant Olive oil –

This type of olive oil is not meant to be consumed or used for skin and hair. It is used only for technical purposes and for fuel.

Benefits of Olive Oil

Olive oil is a storehouse of properties. It has many benefits for health, skin, Face, and hair. Whether it is reducing weight or blood pressure, dealing with dandruff, growing hair, or removing pimples, olive oil is used for everything.

Health Benefits of Olive Oil

There are many benefits of olive oil for health, of which some people may be aware and some may be unaware.

Benefits of olive oil for health

1. Olive oil control cholesterol:-

In today’s busy routine, people are suffering from the problem of rising cholesterol. If you are also struggling with this problem, then you can reduce it by using olive oil. In fact, olive oil mainly consists of monounsaturated fat. People who use olive oil on a daily basis, their blood pressure is never high. Along with reducing cholesterol, olive oil also removes other diseases. Along with this, it also reduces the risk of serious diseases like a heart attacks.

2. Olive Oil Reduces the risk of sugar:-

People who are prone to high sugar are advised to use olive oil in their daily routine. Consuming foods that are high in mono and saturated fat, the disease of sugar is reduced. All these fats are found in high quantities in olive oil, which protects us from diabetes. Along with this, it also prevents type 2 diabetes from progressing and gradually reduces it.

3. Olive oil Will be Beneficial for strong bones:-

People who consume vegetable oil daily, their bones are stronger than others because olive oil has the facility to strengthen bones. Olive oil can be used for cooking as well as for massage. People who have pain in their joints can also massage themselves with olive oil. It not only provides relief in pain but also reduces swelling. If the pain is more and only olive oil is not getting the benefit, then massage with olive oil mixed with fish oil. This can prove to be very beneficial for bones. Fish oil and olive oil are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which are anti-inflammatory. This reduces swelling and redness.

4. Olive oil prevention cancer:-

Cancer has become a deadly disease for the whole world today. Research is being done on new medicines to stop this serious disease. But did you know that olive oil kept in your home kitchen can also prove to be effective in reducing the risk of cancer? Recently, it has been found that the risk of cancer has been found in people in homes where olive oil is used daily. In fact, olive oil contains anti-oxidant free radicals, which greatly reduce oxidative damage.

5. Olive oil is useful for the brain:-

What we do not do to keep the mind healthy and healthy. But do you know that olive oil is also considered very beneficial for the brain? Olive oil prevents Alzheimer’s, the most common brain disease, and also reduces the harmful cells being made in the brain. Olive oil contains a component called phenolic, which proves helpful in preventing diseases like Alzheimer’s. Massaging with olive oil provides relief even in the event of excessive tiredness or trouble. Olive oil works to relieve stress.

6. Olive oil helps to lose weight:-

If you want to lose weight and even after trying lakhs, the weight remains the same, then start using olive oil in your food. A lot of calcium is found in olive oil, which is extremely beneficial for the body. Using olive oil in food helps to get rid of problems like osteoporosis. Olive oil is also high in anti-oxidants. Along with this, the amount of vitamins A, D, E, K, and B-carotene is also high.

Olive Oil Benefits for Skin

It is wrong to rely on the cosmetics available in the market for glowing and flawless skin. They claim to have an instant glow, but they are also damaging the skin from within. If you really want to make your skin beautiful then start using olive oil. This will make your skin very good.

Benefits of olive oil for skin

1. Beneficial for moisturizing the skin:-

Vitamin E is considered very good for the skin. It also enhances the glow of the skin while protecting it from many problems. Vitamin E is found in large quantities in olive oil. By using it, there is no effect of sun rays and dust on the skin. Olive oil is also considered a non-sticky moisturizer cream because it stays on the skin longer than any other cream. Massage of olive oil on the skin with a light hand also gives a good effect.

2. Olive oil for healthy skin:-

When it comes to beauty, we don’t look for expensive and cheap but only what is best. That’s why today we are telling you that olive oil has all those properties, which can give better results than any expensive cream. If you want to get good and beautiful skin as soon as possible, then along with a good diet and work out, use olive oil. Let us tell you that olive oil helps to protect our skin from cancer by removing skin inflammation, acne, etc.

3. Olive Oil used in makeup remover:-

To remove makeup, people often look for expensive and best makeup remover. If you are also looking for a good quality makeup remover for yourself, then virgin olive oil will be the best. It will neither harm your skin nor will it cause any allergies. Also, it will not have any side effects. Many times red rashes occur on the face due to the makeup remover brought from the market but nothing like this happens with olive oil.

4. Helps in The aging problem will be reduced:-

With age, its effect also starts showing on the face. Although now many types of creams are available in the market to hide age and surgery has also started, but all these are very expensive and are not even in the budget of common people. Therefore, people suffering from wrinkles and other signs of aging should use olive oil. It also reduces dark circles and marks on the face.

5. Olive Oil as a lip scrub:-

In today’s time, whether something is good or not, your lips must be good because it enhances the beauty and the pout in selfies is also made from it. Kareena Kapoor is always in the news for her pout but usually, women ignore her lips. To take special care of your lips, massage them with olive oil. This will make your lips look soft and pink.

6. Olive Oil fix cracked heels:-

Often women try to hide the torn ankles under the sari but are not successful. The ankles are the first to be seen in the feet. If this happens to you too, then start using olive oil as soon as possible. For this, scrub your ankles with warm water mixed with lemon and then rub them with olive oil. Doing this may not give results in a day, but it will make them smooth and moisturized.

Olive Oil For Hair Benefits

It is well known that oiling of hair should be done regularly but do you know that not all oils are beneficial for the hair? Some oils make the hair so sticky that it causes hair breakage. In such a situation, healthy, thick, and long hair can be found with the help of olive oil.

Benefits of olive oil for hair

1. Olive Oil for Hair Growth:-

Long and thick hair is the desire of almost every girl and woman. For this, she tries different types of shampoos and conditioners, but they do not have any special effect. In such a situation, if natural remedies are taken, then the hair can be healthy to a great extent. One of these natural remedies is to apply oil to the hair so that the nourishment and moisture in the hair remain intact. Olive oil can be of great benefit to your hair. If you apply olive oil mixed with other ingredients, it will work like magic. Olive oil is full of nutrients, which can prove to be helpful in growing your hair.

2. Olive Oil for Dandruff:-

Anyone can complain of dandruff or dandruff. For this, people apply many types of remedies and many types of shampoos. However, these remedies and shampoos work for only a short time, and dandruff returns. In such a situation, people change the shampoo, but the oil is not taken care of. Your oil also affects your dandruff a lot. Hence, you can use olive oil to remove dandruff. You can apply a pack of olive oil to your hair.

3. Olive Oil Makes Hair Healthy:-

Oil massage is essential to keep hair healthy. Massaging with olive oil will make your hair healthy and strengthen them. Olive oil contains a variety of nutrients, which not only make hair thick and strong but also moisturize them, leaving hair looking soft and shiny. Therefore, olive oil can be used regularly to enhance the beauty of hair.

Side Effects of Olive Oil

Everything has both advantages and disadvantages, in the same way, olive oil also has some disadvantages. We are telling you about this below.

  1. If you have oily skin, then using olive oil can cause acne and pimples.
  2. Olive oil can also be harmful to those whose skin is extremely dry.
  3. Its excessive use can have an effect on the blood sugar level. Therefore, if someone has diabetes, along with the consumption of olive oil, keep checking blood sugar regularly. Apart from this, if you are taking diabetes medicine, then talk to the doctor once before consuming it.
  4. This can cause allergy problems.
  5. Overuse may affect blood pressure.
  6. Pregnant women or lactating women must consult their doctor before consuming olive oil.
  7. Consuming too much of it can cause stomach problems.
  8. Olive oil is rich in calories, so excessive consumption can lead to heart diseases.
  9. Consult a doctor before using olive oil on young children.
  10. Do not apply this oil to the wound.

Uses of Olive Oil

Although there are many benefits of olive oil, its benefits increase when you use it in the right way. Below we are telling you easy ways to use olive oil.

  1. You can use olive oil in cooking.
  2. You can massage olive oil on your skin, hair, or body.
  3. You can consume vegetable oil by sprinkling it on salads as a topping.
  4. You can also consume olive oil by applying it to bread.
  5. You can also use olive oil as a hair pack and face pack.


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