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Hair Growth, If the hair is beautiful, then the face and the whole personality itself get four moons. Hair is so important for our personality that whether it is long or short, personality looks incomplete without them. This is the reason why everyone longs for black long hair. Women are a bit ahead in this matter because most of them need long big hair.

At the same time, no man wants his hair to fall. But due to many reasons such as bad hair products, lack of food, lack of mental condition, and increasing pollution day by day, hair stops growing and hair starts falling. Therefore, we need to take care of our hair separately, and we have many natural things available with which we can grow our hair fast at home.

Common Causes / Factors Stops Hair Growth

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Everyone wants their hair to grow and not fall. But have you ever wondered what are the reasons why the hair does not grow What are the reasons why our hair does not grow Till we do not know these reasons properly, we will not be able to find even ways to increase hair There are many reasons why hair is not long, the main ones are –

  • Heredity means that if anyone in your family has this problem related to hair, then it is possible that your hair is not too long.
  • Even if you are growing old, your hair may stop growing.
  • Excessive intake of junk food these days also has a negative effect on the hair and stops the growth of hair.
  • Sometimes hair fall also increases hair fall. The scalp gets bacteria and does not stop hair fall.
  • If you eat junk food, then obviously it is not that nutritious people will not eat food, in this way there will be a deficiency of nutrients in the body and the hair will stop growing.
  • Pollution is the biggest enemy of hair. Dust spread in pollution – germs reach the hair and roots and weaken them and the hair stops growing.
  • Sometimes due to some disease, medicines have to be consumed and these medicines are so hard that it adversely affects the hair.
  • Mental stress is a major reason that you do not feel healthy, nor do your hair and consequently they stop growing.
  • There are many hormonal changes with age that adversely affect the growth of hair.
  • For styling our hair, we often use known hair products that are unknowingly chemical, which is not suitable for hair in any way.
  • Infection in the hair or scalp can also be a reason.

20 Home Remedies Tips For Hair Growth

If your hair is healthy, strong, and thick, it will enhance your beauty. Everyone wants his hair to be long and wavy. But due to dust, dirt, pollution, stress, etc., there is a lot of loss of hair. Especially when the hair growth stops, then the time becomes tense.

By the way, all the products present in the market promise that they will help in the growth of hair but they are not able to succeed in them and cause damage differently. That is why home remedies are mostly considered better. So let’s know the home remedy to increase hair

1. Aloe Vera is beneficial for hair growth

If you are also worried about how to grow hair, then let us tell you that you can use aloe vera. Applying aloe vera oil reduces dandruff and makes hair soft and grow.

2. Kari leaves beneficial for Long And Silky Hair

Applying curry leaf juice to hair brings shine and strength to the hair. To apply curry leaves, you heat the curry leaves with coconut oil and filter it, when it cools down, it should be thoroughly massaged to the roots of your hair and after at least 60 minutes it should be washed with water Wash away By doing this you will get the benefits of curry leaves to the hair. it is a good source of protein and beta-carotene, which provides protection against hair whitening.

3. Gooseberry(amla) beneficial for long hair growth

The use of amla with lemon juice benefits the hair. You mix amla powder and juice with lemon and apply it to your hair. The presence of antioxidants and vitamin-C elements in it helps to keep the hair healthy and grow.

4. Guava Fruit beneficial for Long Hair Growth

Guava leaves have antioxidant and antiinflammatory properties that protect hair from hair loss follicles. At the same time, the antimicrobial properties of guava leaves protect against any infection in the scalp. Therefore, you should heat guava leaves with water and when the juice of the leaves comes out then filter and massage your hair after cooling. After some time of massaging, wash your hair using lukewarm water. These tips are effective for men including women.

5. Onion juice beneficial for quick hair growth

Using onion juice can also make hair darker and longer. However, it is difficult to use onion juice because of its deodorant. Let it be known that this Alopecia Erita cures hair. Onion juice is a good source of sulfur and is helpful in the growth of collagen production in tissues. This is a sure home recipe.

6. Coconut oil for hair lengthening hair

Coconut oil plays a very special role in hair growth. Please tell that coconut oil contains fatty acids and it fulfills the deficiency of protein in the hair. Depending on the condition of your hair, you should use it whether your hair is dry or oily. If you have oily hair, then wash it for a few hours or for a full night. But if your hair is dry, you can use it as a leave-in treatment. By using this, your hair starts to get signed and strengthened.

7. Lemon juice beneficial for long hair

Lime juice is used to make hair grow faster and thicker. Due to the presence of vitamin C in lemon, it helps to grow hair. For 10-15 minutes, massage your hair with lemon juice and then wash it using shampoo.

8. Natural Hair Growth Tips Almond Oil

The medicinal elements found in almond oil relieve itching in the scalp and make the hair healthy and shiny. You should use almond oil for hair before sleeping at night and get up in the morning and wash your head with shampoo.

9. Easy way to increase hair Henna oil

Mehndi oil is a home remedy for hair growth. Use it with your personal use oil or shampoo, tell that using it directly can be massaged with the remaining oil, which benefits hair growth and prevents hair loss.

10. Garlic, the Ayurvedic way to increase hair

Betamethasone valerate found in garlic is considered beneficial for hair, so you use garlic 1-2 bud daily. If you want, you can use it with vegetables, which makes it easy to eat.

11. Mustard oil beneficial for hair growth

Mustard oil proves beneficial for our hair as it contains omega-3. If you are troubled by the problem of hair, then massage mustard oil in your hair daily and sleep and wake up in the morning and wash it with shampoo to give your hair an opportunity to loaf.

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12. Rice Water beneficial for Natural Hair Growth

Rice water has amino acid properties and due to its tendency to inositol, it protects hair from damage. Soak some rice with water and then filter the water and massage it into your hair. This process proves beneficial for the health of the hair. Please tell that do not forget to wash with shampoo after some time of getting massaged.

13. Fenugreek remedy beneficial for hair growth

You can use fenugreek and coconut oil to enhance hair properly. In addition to protein and nicotinic acid in fenugreek seeds, there are some hormones that help in fast hair growth. Keep the fenugreek seeds closed with coconut oil for a few days and then apply this mixture to your hair, by doing this, the hair gets a lot of benefits.

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14. Apple vinegar beneficial for long hair

Take apple vinegar with water and apply it to your hair, but shampoo it once before applying it. Applying a mixture of apple vinegar and water removes the scalp and speeds up hair growth rate.

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15. Fish oil beneficial for long hair

Fish oil is a good source of omega fatty acids and its use helps in strengthening your hair. Fish oil is full of nutrients and protein and is a good source of omega supplements with antioxidants that cause hair density and diameter to grow. Let us know that omega fatty acids help your cells to function properly and make the immune system strong.

16. Egg increase hair

If you are troubled by the problem of hair loss or thinning, then beat the egg and apply it to your hair. And after some time wash it with shampoo. Explain that due to the presence of nutrients like iron, phosphorus, iodine, protein, sulfur, and zinc present in it, it proves to be beneficial for our hair. Vitamins A, E, and D in eggs are also very special.

17. Ginger Uses For Hair Growth

You can apply ginger juice to your hair and wash it after some time. Because ginger speeds up the blood flow of our head, which provides benefits in hair growth.

18. Curd beneficial for healthy hair growth

Take a cup of curry leaves and a cup of curd. Make a paste by grinding curry leaves. Now add this paste to the curd. Then apply this mixture to your scalp and hair. Shampoo after a while.

curd has been considered a good source of probiotics. Also, it can be helpful in hair growth. curd can be used as a remedy to make hair long and thick and to reduce dandruff.

19. Hibiscus or jaggery flowers beneficial for hair growth

take 8 jaggery flowers and Two to three teaspoons of gooseberry powder. Grind the most jaggery flowers. Now add jaggery flower paste to amla powder and also add some water to it so that the paste is ready. Now apply this paste to the scalp and hair. Leave it on the hair for about half an hour. Then wash your hair with lukewarm water and shampoo it.

Hibiscus flowers can be beneficial for hair. Actually, Hibiscus contains nutritious elements like calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin-B1, riboflavin, niacin, and vitamin-C, which can make hair thicker and also help in hair growth. It can also reduce the problem of premature graying of hair. This hair growth method can be quite effective.

20. Banana beneficial for Enlarge Hair

take Two ripe bananas, a teaspoon of olive oil, A spoonful of coconut oil, A spoonful of honey. Now, Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and make a paste. After this, apply the prepared paste well to your hair. Then wash your hair after 10-15 minutes. Banana is also included in home remedies for hair. Banana can be beneficial for health as well as hair.

Banana is rich in potassium, carbohydrate, and vitamin-K properties, which can be helpful in keeping scalp and hair healthy. To brighten hair, increase hair strength or condition hair, bananas may be a good option. So how to grow hair quickly, the answer to this question is to put a banana pack or eat a banana.

Other Tips For Hair Growth

  • You have to massage your hair and scalp regularly as part of other ways to increase hair. Do massage at least twice a week.
  • Full sleep is another important thing for hair growth, if you do not sleep for 7-8 hours, then the effect will be seen not only on your skin but on your hair and the hair will stop growing.
  • Say stress, anxiety, and discomfort to Tata – bye-bye, as they adversely affect hair growth.
  • Split hair stops the length of the hair, so it is important to trim the hair at the right time.
  • Sleep with a hair tied at night. Doing this will not break your hair by rubbing it together.
  • Do not brush hair immediately after shampooing. They can weaken and break by shedding soaked hair.
  • Do not shampoo too much. There are many types of chemicals in shampoos, in such a situation, shampooing excessively can cause hair to become dry and lifeless. Therefore, do not shampoo more than two times a week.

Diet for hair growth

If you want to grow hair fast, then you have to correct your food and drink. There are some things to include in your diet that will have a positive effect on the hair and start growing hair faster.

  • Biotin: Biotin plays an important role in hair growth. Biotin is found in plenty in bananas, eggs, and milk, so make sure to include them in your daily diet.
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids: Omega 3 fatty acids make hair thicker and prevent hair fall. That is, it has a big role in growing hair, so you should eat fish for omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Vitamin: Hair needs food containing vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E. For this, you must include broccoli, cabbage, spinach, sprouts, tomatoes, onions, beans, soy, peas, apples, oranges, berries, grapes, walnuts, pistachios, peanuts, cheese, yogurt, lentils in your diet.

Yoga for hair growth

Stress is an important reason, due to which the hair length stops increasing. In such a situation, yoga plays an important role in preventing hair loss and increasing length.

1. Uttanasana


Uttanasana may seem a bit daunting in the beginning but gradually you will master it. For this, you have to stand upright by laying mats on the ground. Now take a deep breath and release, then lean forward at the waist. Try to touch the ground with your hands and kneel your head.

In this state, do not bend your knees, take special care of them. Stay in this position for a few seconds and take a normal breath. Then return to the old state. You can repeat this as often as possible.

2. Vajrasana


Sitting on the mat with the knees, mix both toes but the heel should remain separate. Keep the back and head aligned and keep both palms on the knees. Keep in mind that both knees are close together. Close your eyes and keep breathing normally. Keep sitting like this for a while.

3. Balayam

In this yoga, you just have to rub the fingernails together. You can do this anytime and anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the vitamins needed to grow hair?

Vitamins like Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, B complex are needed to keep hair healthy and beautiful. That is why eating sour things in your food. If your hair falls a lot, then start consuming amla.

How does iodine help hair grow?

Iodine has anti-bacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties that fight any infection, which causes your hair to fall out. With this, your hair develops from the hair growth tips in Hindi. Iodine fights a variety of problems such as hair dryness, hair loss, and premature whitening. It also helps to strengthen the hair from the roots and make it thicker.

Do haircuts make them grow faster?

Trimming the hair every 8 to 12 weeks makes the hair grow faster. This keeps hair healthy from root to tip. It is believed that a ½ inch (1.25 cm) cut will speed up the growth of hair. Hair must be trimmed every second-third month. This is the best way to grow hair.

Tell me how to increase hair?

If you want to grow hair quickly, then keep your diet healthy. Along with that, biotin supplements can be taken as a hair growth medicine. Biotin is good for hair growth.

Does having two mouths stop hair growth?

The reason for two mouth hair is that your hair is not too long. Hair growth stops. That is why oil massage should be done twice a week.

Which oil is more effective for hair growth?

Coconut oil is considered to be the most effective for hair growth. Because coconut oil contains potassium and it strengthens the roots of your hair and also helps to grow hair.

How to get thin hair back again?

To make thinner hair stronger and thicker, one can try the methods to make the hair in this article long and thick. If the problem is more, then you can seek the advice of a specialist for medical treatment.

How can dead hair follicles grow?

For the growth of dead hair follicles, one can take an oil massage and a nutritious diet. However, hair follicles can reduce the growth of new hair with age. In such a situation, the growth of dead hair fall kills can also depend on age. You can also include the home remedy of hair growth mentioned in the article in your lifestyle.

Does pregnancy affect hair growth?

Yes, pregnancy can affect hair growth.

Can Keratin Supplements Help Hair Growth?

Keratin is the main protein for hair. In such a situation, keratin treatment or keratin-containing hair products can be beneficial for hair growth. However, there is a lack of scientific study on how helpful it can be in hair growth.

Can hair grow back during chemotherapy?

Hair does not grow during the treatment of chemotherapy, but hair loss begins. Yes, hair can grow back in two to three months after chemotherapy treatment, but there can be differences in hair texture and color compared to before.

Can bleached hair grow long?

Products that bleach your hair can damage hair and slow down hair growth.

Can massage with lukewarm oil be helpful for hair growth?

Yes, massaging with lukewarm oil can be beneficial for the scalp and hair in a way to enhance hair. Especially with herbal oil massage.

How long can it take for hair to regrow?

It may take at least 6 months for the hair to regrow. This treatment also depends on the person’s physical condition and lifestyle.

How can hair grow in a week?

It is not possible to grow hair in a week, as it is a natural process and may take time.


I hope by this article you will get all the information regarding Hair Growth and Its Home Remedies. Hope this article will help you to overcome your health problems and lead a healthy life. For any other type of suggestions and questions on this topic, you can connect with us through the comment box below, and if like kindly do share.

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