Coconut Milk: What are the benefits, Uses & Side Effects Of Coconut Milk


Coconut milk is absolutely safe. This milk is having a rich source of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, and Vitamin B6 as well as iron, selenium, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. Coconut is considered a storehouse of essential nutrients. . Especially, the demand for its water increases during the summer days. At the same time, it is used in various ways in South Indian cuisine. Apart from this, food lovers also like coconut milk a lot. Coconut milk is very tasty and is considered beneficial for health.

what are the benefits of coconut milk?

1. Beneficial for losing weight

Coconut milk is rich in dietary fiber. Let us tell you that due to the presence of dietary fiber, we do not feel hungry for a long time. Along with this, if you use it properly, then with its help you can also control your weight.

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2. Beneficial For the skin


Due to its moisturizing properties, coconut can reduce the symptoms of psoriasis, dermatitis, and eczema. The natural fatty acids during this can help treat dry and rough skin and take away harmful bacteria from your skin. Apart from this, coconut milk can be used as a makeup remover. You can mix coconut oil and coconut milk in a 1:2 ratio and use this mixture to moisturize the skin along with removing eye makeup. Thus, it is a great option to get rid of make-up around the most sensitive area of your face.

3. Beneficial For Strong Bones

Although coconut milk does not contain much calcium when used regularly, it is a rich source of phosphorus. Therefore it helps in strengthening the bones.

4. Coconut Milk As Hair Conditioner

Coconut milk is a very good hair conditioner. It gives you long and thick hair. You shampoo your hair by taking an equal quantity of coconut milk and shampoo in your hands and then wash it well.

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5. Beneficial For the skin For Moisturizer

Coconut milk is a very good moisturizer. It can increase the moisture in dehydrated skin. Take a bath by mixing one cup of rose petals, half a cup of rose water, and one cup of coconut milk in lukewarm bathing water. You can rub coconut milk directly on your skin and leave it on for 30 minutes to get absorbed.

6. Beneficial for Avoid Sunburn

To avoid sunburn, apply a thin layer of coconut milk to the sunburned area. With the help of fat and oil in this milk, redness is reduced and the moisture of the skin comes back. Leave coconut milk on the affected areas overnight and wake up in the morning and take a bath.

7. Beneficial for Treating Gout

The selenium present in it is an antioxidant, which helps in keeping away the symptoms of arthritis by controlling free radicals and reducing the risk of joint inflammation.

8. Beneficial for Controlling Cholesterol

It can lower cholesterol levels, as compared to butter and dairy-based creams. It can be helpful in the problem of high cholesterol. The reason for this is that it contains lactic acid which increases HDL cholesterol.

9. Beneficial for Reduce aging

Due to the copper and vitamin C present in coconut milk, it helps in increasing the elasticity of the skin. These nutrients slow down the aging process of your skin and body by maintaining the elasticity of the skin and blood vessels.

10. Coconut Milk has Good Source of Magnesium

Coconut milk is a rich source of magnesium. This mineral helps to calm the nerves and keep blood pressure normal. This leads to a decrease in muscle contractions, which makes you feel more relaxed.

11. Strengthen the Immune System

Apart from containing lauric acid, antimicrobial lipids, and capric acid, it also has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. On entering the human body, lauric acid gets converted into a compound called monolaurin which is known to fight viruses and bacteria.

12. Beneficial For Hair


Applying coconut milk on the head gives coolness. It provides natural nourishment from the hair to the roots. Your massage with some fresh homemade coconut milk for three to five minutes. Leave it on for 20 minutes. This will help in increasing hair growth. It is very beneficial for damaged, weak, and split hairs.

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Uses of Coconut Milk

Coconut milk can be used in food in the following ways –

  • Kheer can be made from coconut milk.
  • Coconut milk can be used instead of plain milk to make sweets.
  • Dishes like Malai Kofta can be made using this milk.
  • It can be used to make a sauce for white sauce pasta.
  • It can also be used to make the Bengali dish Chingri Malai Curry.
  • Coconut milk can also be used to make sheer khurma.
  • Coconut milk can also be used to make fruit custard.
  • Coconut milk can be used to give a distinct flavor to chicken curry.

Side Effects of Coconut Milk

There is a lack of scientific studies related to the harm of coconut milk, but if someone is allergic to coconut, then they may have to face the following disadvantages, which are as follows –

  • If you are allergic to tree nuts, this drink is definitely not for you. Coconut milk is recognized as a tree nut.
  • With its high saturated fat and calories, coconut milk can definitely ruin your weight loss diet if you consume it in excess. Excessive use of it in your daily diet can lead to weight gain.
  • People suffering from high cholesterol and heart diseases should avoid consuming coconut milk in large quantities.
  • Due to the high dietary fiber, coconut milk can cause digestive problems in some people. Generally, coconut milk provides 14-18% of our daily dietary fiber intake. Sudden overdose can cause diarrhea or gas.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

can I drink coconut milk every day?

Coconut milk can be consumed in the right amount daily. There are many benefits of drinking coconut milk daily such as weight loss, relief in ulcers, beneficial in diabetes, a good alternative to milk, a healthy heart, healthy skin, strong hair, etc.

What are the difference between coconut milk and regular milk?

Most people include coconut milk in their diet to reduce calorie intake. It has more saturated fat than regular milk.

Is coconut milk good for weight loss?

The benefits of coconut milk can help in weight loss because drinking coconut milk increases metabolism, which burns fat and can help in weight loss.

How to make coconut milk at home?

Tighten the inner white part of the coconut. Now add grated coconut and 1 cup of water to the blender. If the mixture is thick then add 1 cup more water and blend. Now take a vessel and put a cotton cloth on it. Pour all the mixture from the blender onto the cloth and squeeze out the coconut milk. What comes out in the pot is coconut milk.

Is coconut milk good in coffee?

Yes, you can use coconut milk in your coffee. By doing this, the coffee becomes healthy and creamy.


I hope that after understanding the benefits of coconut milk, you will definitely want to use it. While using it also keep in mind that along with the benefits, there are also disadvantages of coconut milk. If the mentioned side effects occur during its use, then stop using it and contact the doctor. We hope that the information given in the article has been beneficial for you. if you have any query do comment down below, and also share with your friends and families.

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