5 Amazing Benefits of Castor oil, Uses and Side effects

Today, there are many types of oils used in food and commercial resources in the country and abroad. Some oils are very popular, while some oils are not but they are very beneficial, and are rarely heard of. One such beneficial oil is castor oil. Castor oil is originally known as arandi oil in India. Due to the health benefits of castor oil, this oil has been used in many homes since ancient times.


Many scientists believe that this oil has the power to cure more than eighty diseases or problems. Whereas earlier people used to use castor oil in India and only a few countries, now people all around the world have started recognizing its benefits. In such a situation, if you are still unaware of the properties and benefits of castor oil, then today’s article is going to be very important for you. Today, we will not only introduce you to the properties of castor oil, but will share all the information related to it in great detail. So let us see the important information related to Castor Oil.

What is Castor oil

Castor oil is a cooking oil like other oils but due to its properties, it is also used in other things. Castor oil is basically prepared by pressing the seeds of castor plants, which is why this oil is called castor oil.


This oil contains many such nutrients, which make this oil different from other oils and more beneficial. That is why castor oil is being called vegetable. It is used in household as well as business resources. Today, castor oil is also used in a variety of cosmetics (body lotions and creams), soaps and medicines.

How Castor Oil look like

The color of castor oil is light yellow which is odor free. Castor oil is slightly thicker than other oils. Fats such as triglyceride and ricinolates are found in castor oil. There is a slight difference in the color of refined and unrefined castor oil. Apart from this, Jamaican castor oil looks very different from the common castor oil in appearance. Its oil is black in color.

What does Castor plant look like

Before using any oil, it is also important to know other unknown facts related to it. Therefore, let us know that castor vine is a flowering plant whose leaves, roots, stem, seeds and flowers are all used as Ayurvedic medicine. Castor vine bushes are found perennially in many places in the forests or on the roadside.


It is a tropical plant. Its chandeliers are about 10 to 12 meters in length and are fragile. Its one leaf is divided into five parts, which are 12 to 40 cm long and 5 to 12 cm wide like the palm. Talking about the color of castor leaves, its leaves are green, dark red or dark purple. A toxic substance called risin is found in castor plant.

Where does castor oil is highly produced

There was a time when this oil was first produced in India and Africa by sowing castor plant. India and Africa were the main centers of castor oil production then. But today, castor oil is produced all over the world. Castor oil is produced around one million tonnes per year worldwide. Looking at the benefits of castor oil, it is now being produced in China, Brazil, Thailand and Vietnam apart from India and Africa. Not only this, due to high demand for this oil, these countries have also left Africa behind in production capacity.

Nutrients found in castor oil

Castor oil mainly contains antiinflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial, antioxidant etc. elements. Apart from this, omega 6, vitamin E and protein are found in high amounts. Therefore, this oil cures many diseases of the skin. Castor oil also contains many acids such as oleic acid, alpha-linolenic acid, stearic acid, dihydroxysteric acid, palmitic acid, ricinoleic acid. Explain that the most ricinoleic acid is found in castor oil. All these acids are used to overcome many types of problems.

Some other names by which Castor Oil is known

Just as castor oil is known by different names in different countries, in the same way, castor oil is known by different names in different states of India.

  • Scientific name of castor oil Ricinus
  • Castor oil name in Hindi Arandi oil
  • Castor oil name in EnglishCastor bean, castor oil
  • Castor Oil’s Kannada nameHarlu
  • Castor oil name in UrduArand
  • Castor oil named in KonkaniArendi
  • Castor oil name in GujratiArendo
  • Castor oil name in Tamil – Aamnakkam
  • Castor oil name in Bengali – Bhernda
  • Castor oil name in Marathi – Arand
  • Castor oil name in Malayalam – Chittavanakf
  • Castor oil name in Arabic – Khirwa

Types of Castor Oil

1. Hydrogenated Castor Oil

Adding hydrogen to the oil produces hydrogenated castor oil or castor wax. It is a hard and brittle version of castor oil that does not dissolve in water. This type of oil is used in cosmetics (such as body lotions and creams). This oil is also used in waxes, candles, grease and paper coating.

2. Cold Pressed Castor Oil

This oil is extracted by pressing organic castor seeds. Heat is not used in any way in this type of oil nor is it adulterated. Hence this oil is called cold pressed castor oil. Due to not heating, the nutrients in such oil are retained, which gives the users maximum benefit. This oil is available in the market In both refined and unrefined, of which unrefined castor oil is thicker and is yellow in color.

3. Jamaican Black Castor Oil

To make this oil, castor seeds are pressed after frying, which causes the oil to come out and the ashes released during frying the seeds are added to the oil itself. Due to which the color of this oil becomes dark and the taste saline. This method of making oil is common in the country of Jamaica, which is why it is called Jamaican Black Castor Oil. This oil is very beneficial in reducing pimples and dandruff.

4. Chemical Extracted Castor Oil

This oil is extracted from chemical extract, hence it is called chemical extracted castor oil. Castor oil extracted from chemical is cheaper as compared to other types of castor oil. It contains solvents such as heptane and hexane. Extracting oil is usually the fastest and cheapest way to get oil from seeds.

Health Benefits of Castor Oil


Only when a person’s health is good, only then does his mind and body get used to work. So let’s first know about the health benefits of castor oil.

1. Benefits of Castor Oil in arthritis

According to doctors, arthritis is a disease that has 100 types. Due to arthritis, there is stiffness and pain in all the parts of the body. This disease is caused by the pathology of the metabolism of protein called purine in the body. Apart from this, when the amount of uric acid in the body increases enormously, then it takes the form of arthritis. A person suffering from arthritis has difficulty walking and getting up and sitting. If this disease is not taken care of in time, then it also strikes the knees and hips.

Castor oil is used in arthritis and other diseases associated with osteoarthritis. In arthritis, doctors recommend the use of a medicine containing castor oil and massage of castor oil on the body. Apart from this, one should exercise daily in case of arthritis, wear cold things, try to climb the stairs at least and do not use food with excessive oil spices. By adopting these remedies, castor oil has an early effect on arthritis.

2. Benefits of Castor Oil in constipation

In present times, most people do not eat properly. Which has a direct effect on the digestive system of the body. As a result, it affects the stomach, due to which many diseases related to the stomach emerge. One of these diseases is constipation. It is not only a disease, but it is also the father of many other diseases. Therefore it is necessary to fix this problem as soon as possible.

Friends, castor oil is an oil that treats constipation in a natural way. In fact, castor oil has fatty acid and laxative properties. Castor oil is used to cure constipation, which works to clean the intestines completely and remove the accumulated stool inside. Apart from this, massaging the castor oil on the stomach for 5 to 10 minutes daily increases muscle contraction, due to which the stool comes out easily and gets rid of constipation soon.

3. Benefits of Castor Oil in hemorrhoids disease

Piles (Hemorrhoids) is a disease in which people do not show seriousness in the initial days, due to which it takes a formidable form in the future. Some warts like rashes come out in the inner part of the anus or outside the hemorrhoids, many times blood comes out from these rashes and causes severe pain.

Friends, there are many reasons for hemorrhoids, but constipation is considered to be the main reason for hemorrhoids, so castor oil is used in hemorrhoids. As we have told you above, castor oil has laxative properties which helps in reducing constipation and helps in reducing piles disease to some extent.

4. Benefits of Castor Oil in increasing immunity

Due to weak immunity, any type of disease on the body can quickly strikes. Due to good immunity, our body fights small diseases on its own. If the immunity of the body is less, then the body suffers from many diseases at the same time, it also weakens our body as well.

Castor oil is a beneficial oil that enhances immunity. Actually, the use of castor oil on the external organs of the body increases the number of T-11 cells which act like antibodies. If you also want to increase your immunity, then the use of castor oil will prove to be very beneficial for you.

5. Benefits of Castor Oil in healing ulcer wounds

You all will be well aware of ulcer disease. It is a disease that causes wounds in the body. These wounds develop on the inner surface of the stomach, alimentary canal or intestines. Ulcers are known only on the basis of lesions occurring in different places, such as stomach ulcers, which are called gastric ulcers. Similarly, ulcers occurring in the frontal part of the small intestine are called duodinal ulcers. In fact, ulcer disease is also caused by a bacterial infection called Helicobacter pylori.

Some research has shown that the use of castor oil is beneficial in healing ulcer sores because castor oil has antibacterial, antioxidant and antiseptic properties that are helpful in healing any type of wounds. Huh. If you have this problem too much then you should get treatment only after consulting the doctor.

6. Benefits of Castor Oil in reducing weight

So far, you must have heard the name of yoga and herbs to lose weight but have never heard that any oil can also reduce weight. Yes friends, castor oil contains ingredients that help in reducing weight. If you have not been able to lose weight even after taking many measures to lose weight, then you do not have to worry at all as castor oil will help you to lose weight. Weight loss comes easily by drinking a glass of lukewarm water after consuming one teaspoon of castor oil on an empty stomach every morning.

Skin Benefits of Castor Oil

Along with health, it is also important to take care of the skin. Just as castor oil is beneficial for health, similarly, castor oil also has many skin benefits. So let’s know the benefits of castor oil for skin.

1. Benefits of Castor Oil in removing wrinkles

Nowadays, the problem of getting wrinkles on the face before time is seen a lot. Wrinkles are more due to poor lifestyle and environmental reasons. Apart from this, not removing makeup from the face and frequent nail removal also causes wrinkles on the face. Massaging castor oil can eliminate facial wrinkles. Fatty acid is found in castor oil, which goes deep into the skin and improves the collagen and protein element found in the skin. Because of which the problem of wrinkles is relieved.

2. Benefits of Castor Oil in ringworm

Many skin related diseases and infections are produced due to change in weather, one of these infections is shingles and itching. Many times, if this itching is not stopped in time, then it takes the form of eczema. If you are also suffering from diseases like ringworm and itching, then there is no need to panic as the use of castor oil can cure ringworm and itching. Mixing coconut oil in castor oil and applying daily provides relief from ringworm and itching.

3. Benefits of Castor Oil in removing dark circles

Nowadays, even the elders and children have started having dark circles under their eyes. Using a computer for long periods of time, using a mobile for a long time, not sleeping at the right time, not getting enough sleep, or being stressed, also leads to dark circles under the eyes.

These dark circles are very difficult to remove, but castor oil is an oil that removes dark circles quickly. Massage castor oil every morning and evening you can also cut cucumber and apply castor oil on it and keep it on your eyes for 10 minutes. By doing this daily, the dark circles of the eyes ends forever.

4. Benefits of Castor Oil in softening dry skin

The skin is generally of three types: oily skin, dry skin and normal skin. Therefore, the skin of all the people is different. Someone’s oily, someone’s dry and someone’s normal skin. People with dry skin are much more irritated than those with normal and oily skin. Because people with dry skin frequently apply oil and cream on their skin, but still their skin remains dry. In winter, the problem of people with dry skin increases even more.

Castor oil is a miraculous oil that makes dry skin soft. Taking some drops of castor oil mixed with one or two drops of clean water and massaging it daily for 10 to 15 minutes daily in the evening makes dry skin shiny and soft.

5. Benefits of Castor Oil for acne

Pimples usually occur in the form of tiny rashes on the face at the beginning of puberty, which are small and later it got large in the form of pimples. Acne is a very complex skin problem due to which the beauty of the face gets bad. No matter how beautiful a person is, if he has pimples on his face, he looks ugly.

Acne can be eliminated by the use of castor oil. Resinolic acid is found in castor oil which helps in eliminating the bacteria that produce acne. In addition, castor oil also cures acne spots.

6. Benefits of Castor Oil eliminating stretch marks

Stretch marks occur due to changes in the skin of the body. When the body fatness increases, there is scratching in the skin of the body, due to which many marks appear on the skin, which are called stretch marks. Stretch marks are usually excessive during pregnancy.

Castor oil is a cheap domestic and effective solution to eliminate stretch marks. Castor oil contains fatty acid which goes inside the body due to massage, due to which the cells of the body become soft and gradually the stretch marks are removed. Let the pregnant women apply the castor oil from the third month of the womb to the stretch marks that do not occur during pregnancy.

Benefits of Castor oil for Hair

Every person has the desire to get beautiful, silky, thick and strong hair, but due to some problems related to hair, this desire of the person cannot be fulfilled. If you also want to have beautiful, silky, thick, strong hair, then the use of castor oil will prove to be very beneficial for you. Castor oil makes hair strong and beautiful by curing many diseases related to hair. So let us know about the benefits of castor oil related to hairs.

1. Benefits of Castor oil in making hair thick and long.

Castor oil is a natural oil which contains omega 9 and fatty acids. Omega 9 and fatty acids kill bacteria in the hair. When castor massages the hair roots with oil, this oil increases the circulation of the follicles, due to which the problem of hair loss ends and the hair grows.

2. Benefits of Castor oil in getting rid of dandruff

Dandruff has become a common problem nowadays. Dandruff makes the hair weak and dry, along with it it also gives rise to pimples. Castor oil is found to have antifungal properties that help in reducing dandruff. Applying two teaspoons of castor oil with one teaspoon of aloe vera gel and some drops of lemon juice, reduces the problem of dandruff in the hair. You can use this remedy twice a week.

3. Benefits of Castor oil in in making dry hair shiny

Hair becomes dry due to increasing pollution and use of the wrong Shampoo. Castor oil contains vitamin E and protein which makes the hair soft and shiny. Massage the hair daily with castor oil at night and in the morning wash the hair with a good shampoo. By doing this your hair will become black, thick and shiny in a few weeks.

4. Benefits of Castor oil in protecting hair from becoming white

Nowadays white hair problem is common. Earlier, even at the age of 60, the hair of people were seen to be black and thick. But at present, problems of white hair have started happening even among the children of young age. You can use castor oil if you have any such problem. By using castor oil, your hair will remain black and thick for many years.

Benefits of Castor oil for Childrens

Castor oil has so many properties that it is not only beneficial for the elders but it is also beneficial for children. So let’s know the benefits of castor oil related to children.

1. Make skin soft

The skin of young children is soft and sensitive, so it is important to take care of their skin carefully. Castor oil has antifungal properties that protect children from itching. Castor oil is an Ayurvedic oil that helps in softening the dry skin of children as well.

2. Build bones and muscles strong

Castor oil contains many beneficial elements that make the bones and muscles of children strong. Massaging the children with castor oil for 30 minutes before bathing every day makes bones strong and muscles develop properly.

3. Finish the rashes

Small children are kept wearing diapers at bedtime or on the go. Wearing diapers for a long period of time causes red rashes on the skin, massaging castor oil on the affected part of the body disappear the rashes.

Note – Children’s skin is very soft and delicate, so use castor oil only on the advice of a doctor.

Side Effects of Castor Oil

Along with the benefits of castor oil, there are some side effects of castor oil, which are as follows –

  1. Pregnant women should not consume castor oil.
  2. The effect of castor oil is hot, excessive consumption of this oil can cause diarrhea and vomiting. Therefore, this oil should not be consumed excessively.
  3. Castor oil should not be applied in the face and private organs of children, because many types of acids are found in this oil, which can damage the skin of children.
  4. Those people who have any kind of allergy should not use castor oil.

Note – For all the diseases mentioned above, castor oil should be used only after consulting a physician.


I hope after reading this article about the uses and benefits of castor oil you have got all the information though if you still had any queries comment down below. If you liked our information, then do share it among your friends.

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