Acne : Types, Causes and Symptoms & 10 Home Remedy Tips For Acne


What is Acne?

Acne is that the most irritating disease among the common skin diseases because it directly affects your beauty. it is normal at the age of 17-21. Because at the age 17-21 hormones such as estrogen and progesterone keep decreasing and increasing due to which the secretion of oil in the face starts more and acne starts on the face.

The problem of This is usually seen on the face, but along side the face, it also comes out on the rear and shoulders. it is mainly on the face and back are more common. it’s never occurs on the palms and soles of the body.

Despite this, people don’t take pimples seriously and in reference to this, it’s thought that this problem are going to be solved automatically within the near future.

Due to this attitude, this problem takes fatal form with time and it has an effect on the mindset of the person.
For this reason, a person should get complete information about this problem in order that they will get obviate it in time.

Types of Acne

1. White Patches (Whiteheads)

this is often a standard sort of acne, which occurs when the pores of the skin are crammed with sebum and dead cells.

Whiteheads are a little more difficult to treat because in this case the pore is completely closed, and then products that contain a high amount of salicylic acid may prove useful.

2. Black Spots (Blackheads)

Blackheads occur when the pores of the skin are filled with a combination of sebum and dead skin cells.
The front portion of the opening remains open, despite the remainder being full. As a result, the skin turns black.

3. Pimples

This is often the foremost popular sort of acne, which occurs when the fat gland becomes infected and causes inflamed, red spots within the skin.

4. Cyst Problems

Cyst problems mainly occur when bacteria, sebum and dead cells are collected within the cavity.
Because of this, there are often red spots on the skin, which may also cause pain on touching.

5. Blisters

When the walls around your pores break, they bark. They are filled with pus.
These spots emerge from the skin and thanks to this the skin becomes red. These are usually yellow or white in color.

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Causes of acne

There are many reasons for pimples or acne on the face and back. Here we are telling you about some of the common reasons, which may cause you to be acne. The problem of acne are often avoided by making changes in your lifestyle and taking a touch care.

1. Hormonal change

The effect of any change in the body with increasing age can be seen in the form of pimples on the face. Girls can often face this problem during their menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause.

2. Heredity

If someone in your family gets acne again and again, there’s tons of doubt that you simply too may need to face this problem.

3. Food and Drink

Teenagers need to suffer from the matter of pimples thanks to outdoor eating and drinking.
According to research, eating junk food, eating oily food, daily consumption of dairy / bakery products and drinking high-sugar drinks are also common.

4. Excessive intake of Medicines

If you take stress or epilepsy medicines, acne is common. Long-term consumption of medicines for any mental illness also proves to be harmful for health. Over consumption of allopathic medicines also causes acne.

5. Cosmetic

Women who put makeup on all day or even go to sleep at night without removing makeup also have a problem of pimples. That is why it’s advisable to use home remedies and natural resources to reinforce beauty.

6. Dust Pollution

Nowadays, small and big, the problem of dust, soil and pollution has become very common in every city. No matter how much we cover ourselves while exiting, there is a shortage.

Due to living during a bad environment, dirt starts to accumulate on the face, thanks to which the matter of pimples increases. The effect of changing the weather also affects the acne prone skin.

7. Wrong Habits

There are some habits that settle in us albeit we don’t want to. Excessive consumption of coffee or tea causes sebum, which later gives rise to pimples. Apart from that, smoking too much or drinking alcohol can also cause pimples on the face.

8. Skin Type

Oily skin people have to deal with acne problems more than dry skin ones. People with oily skin should take special care of their facial cleansing.

9. Sunny

People with field jobs or whoever is spending longer within the sun, has got to affect acne problems quite others. Actually, the strong rays of the sun have an immediate effect on the skin, causing pimples.

10. Frequent Face Wash

It is true that the face should always be kept clean, but if you are cleaning your face several times a day with face wash or soap, then it is not considered good for the skin.
It is better not to use face wash or soap on the skin too much.

Symptoms of Acne

Like any other problem, there are some symptoms of acne, which indicate its occurrence.

For this reason, every person should pay attention to these symptoms and should contact a doctor if they occur.

Acne has mainly the following symptoms, which are as follows-

1. Skin redness

If a person’s skin turns red, it can be a symptom of acne.

For this reason, this symptom should not be ignored and it should be treated immediately.

2. Skin Itching

It has been seen many times that itching starts on the skin due to acne.

However, this situation can be controlled in time.

3. Skin Pain

If a person has pain on his skin, he should not ignore it because it can be a symptom of acne.

For this reason, the doctor should be consulted before taking any kind of step in this situation.

4. Heat sensation

Most people consider applying heat in large quantities and this is why they do not try to find out its cause.

It can be a major symptom of acne, so it should be taken seriously.

5. Pimples

If a person has pimples on the face, shoulders and back, it can be a symptom of acne.

Treatment of Acne

Treatment of acne

Looking at the lifestyle of today, it is not a big deal to have pimples or pimple. Thinking about it, instead of taking stress, attention should be paid to acne treatment. There are many ways to remove acne, which can be overcome with acne problem.

1. Homeopathy

When homeopathy is treated by any disease, the emphasis is to remove the root cause of that problem. This treatment method helps in getting relief from acne breakout. You can take its medicine after consulting a good doctor of homeopathy.

2. Blue light

This is the newest method of treating acne. Red pimples or inflamed pimples are often treated with blue light. Acne is believed to be liable for the bacteria named Prypionibacterium acnes.

The special thing is that this bacteria living within the oil glands of the skin gets destroyed as soon as they are available in touch with blue light. The heat of the blue light also causes the oil glands of the skin to shrink, which makes the sebum smaller.

3. Laser

It is a modern process, in which pulsed laser rays are used to kill the bacteria present in acne. Due to this, the possibility of acne in future also can be reduced to a great extent.

4. Herbal

Treatment usually through with this method has no side effects. This treatment is completed with materials found reception or round the house. Multani mitti, turmeric, neem etc. are considered very effective in treating acne.

10 Home Remedy for Acne

It is an honest idea if you’d wish to get obviate pimples from home remedies before taking any advice or medicines from a doctor or skin specialist. rather than using any such thing on the skin, attention should be paid to the answer to get rid of nail pimples from the face.

1. Toothpaste


White toothpaste has antibacterial properties. they assist in reducing the bacteria responsible for pimples.

Take a white toothpaste and cotton Then apply a touch toothpaste in cotton and apply it on Pimple. to scale back the dimensions of Pimple. confine mind that toothpaste should be white, not prison. After trying this recipe in the dark , wash your mouth with clean water within the morning.

2. Ice


As soon because the pimples begin to return out, if the ice is rubbed thereon , its swelling reduces and it’s gradually cured. this is often excellent acne treatment.

Take a bit of ice and a clean cloth. Wrap alittle piece of ice during a clean cloth. Now gently rub the piece over the pimple. take care to not rub the ice on the pimple for too long. do that process just for two to 3 minutes.

3. Aloevera


Aloevera has antibacterial and antiinflammatory properties, which reduce skin irritation and inflammation caused by acne.

Take Aloevera gel and Apply this pure gel of aloevera on to the pimple. Wash the face after applying the burn plant gel on the pimple for 10–15 minutes.

4. Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is rich in antioxidants. This oil is taken under consideration very effective in treating acne.
Take two to 3 drops of tea tree oil, one teaspoon of vegetable oil and blend tea tree oil and vegetable oil (olive oil) during a bowl.

Now apply this mixture of oil on the pimple with the help of cotton or finger. Apply this mixture of oil on the face before applying it on the face. If you are feeling any quite allergy, avoid using it. If you’re not allergic thereto , then apply it on Pimple every few hours.

5. Garlic


Garlic has antibacterial properties that help fight the bacteria responsible for acne.

Take two to 3 garlic buds and water and Make a paste of garlic buds and add a touch water thereto . Allow garlic juice to dissolve completely in water. Then apply this paste on the direct pimple. Wash this face after applying this paste on the face for 5- 10 minutes.

6. Honey


It is a natural antibiotic that kills the bacteria that cause pimples. Hydrating properties present in it also make the skin healthy.

Take a touch honey during a bowl. Apply honey to the pimple together with your finger. After applying the honey on the pimple leave it to dry for 20 – 25 minutes. Then clean the pimple area with water.

7. Rose Water


Rose water acts as an antioxidant and a skin toner. It removes spots and provides moisture to the skin.

Take two teaspoons rose water and two spoons sandalwood powder and Prepare a thick paste by adding perfume to sandalwood powder. Now apply this paste on the pimple with a finger. After the paste has dried, wash it with water. This paste also can be applied on the whole face.

8. Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

As it cools down, it also keeps the skin soft. it’s antioxidant also as antibacterial properties.

Make one or two teaspoons of copra oil lightly lukewarm. Now apply this oil on the pimple with the help of finger. Apply copra oil every few hours.

9. Turmeric


It is considered an antiseptic drug. Turmeric can eliminate harmful bacteria present on the skin and skin cells also heal quickly.

Prepare a paste by adding water to turmeric. Then apply the paste on the acne. Keep this paste for 10 – quarter-hour . Wash the face with water after it dries.

10. Neem


Neem could also be a natural astringent, which has antifungal and antibacterial properties in its leaves. Blood is additionally clear from neem leaves.
Dry neem leaves well in sunlight and make powder of them.

Now mix equal quantity of multani mitti and a touch perfume during a teaspoon of neem powder and make a paste. Apply this paste on the pimple and let it dry. Wash this paste after applying it for 10–15 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What are the causes of acne

Acne is mainly caused due to blockage of skin oil, dead skin, bacteria etc.
Apart from this, this problem can also be caused due to hormonal changes, drug abuse etc.

2. How can acne be cured?

To cure acne, adopting a healthy diet, washing your mouth twice a day, getting enough sleep, makeup according to the skin, etc. can prove to be effective remedies.

3. What kind of food can cause acne?

Acne can be caused by eating fast food, spicy, dairy products, food containing omega-6 fats etc.

4. Do Aches Cure Acne By Drinking Adequate Water?

Yes, if a person suffering from excess pimples drinks sufficient amount of water, then his pimples can be cured quickly.
Thus, drinking adequate amounts of water may prove to be a better option in treating acne.

5. Which fruits prove beneficial in curing acne?

Consuming carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach, tomatoes, brown rice etc. can prove useful in curing acne.
Therefore, people suffering from acne can consume these things.

6. Does milk cause acne?

It is clear from studies done on pimples that often, milk can cause pimples.
Milk contains hormones that can block oil gland, which can cause acne-like problems.

7. How can the skin be kept clean?

Use of sun cream to keep the skin clean, eat nutritious food, wash face thoroughly, etc. can be done.
By doing so, the possibility of acne-like problem can be reduced significantly.

8. Is it bad to pop acne ?

Do not pop acne, it may cause black spots there. If the pus is deep inside, the wound can also become deep, which is likely to cause a dent there.

9. Does ice shrink acne?

Yes, ice shrinks the acne, because it has the ability to absorb excess oil from the skin. It hydrates the skin.

10. Does drinking water help acne?

Water is the nectar for our body. Your constipation problem ends with water. Water purifies all the organs of the body. Drinking water will clear your skin and reduce acne problems.


I hope by this article you will get all the information regrading what is acne, types and also complete information about the acne. Hope this article will help you to overcome your health problems and lead a healthy life. For any other type of suggestions and questions in this topic, you can connect with us through the comment box below and if like kindly do share.

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