14 Benefits of Fennel Seeds & Side Effects

Today we are talking about the small seeds that fills every Kitchen with a sweet fragrance, which is known by most people as fennel. Friends, without fennel seeds, the food of every kitchen, dhabas, hotels, restaurants is incomplete as fennel enhances the taste of food and also serves as a mouth freshener. But do you know that fennel is not only limited to beautifying the kitchen but it’s also a domestic medicine which is used for the prevention of many problems.


Friends Fennel Seeds is like a medicine which helps in making the body healthy. Today we are going to inform you about such interesting information related to fennel, which till now i am sure you will be unaware. So let us know about the benefits of fennel seeds and other important facts related to it without delay.

What is Fennel


Fennel is a sweet-smelling native herb with light or dark green fragrant seeds that are mostly used as pickle spices and to enhance the taste of food. The fennel seed botanical name is Foeniculum vulgare. Fennel is very beneficial for health, and is used as a medicine in Ayurveda. Many vitamins and minerals are found in fennel, which are beneficial in curing many types of physical diseases. Let us now know in detail about the beneficial fennel plant.

How is the fennel plant

Most people know the seeds of fennel seeds, but most people do not know about its plant. So let us tell you that the fennel plant belongs to the family Apiaceae which is a herbaceous plant. It is produced during kharif crops, but it is a perennial plant so this plant is cultivated repeatedly. The fennel plant is about one to two meters long and is used as an aromatic herb.


In the fennel plant, small and yellow flowers rise towards the sky and the fennel seeds comes out of these flower, which are green and come in the form of cumin. Fennel seeds are found in two forms, out of which one type of fennel is thin and small which is called small fennel and the other type is big and thick which is known as big fennel. Friends, only seeds of fennel are not used as medicine, but every part of the fennel plant is used as medicine. Such as seeds, leaves, flowers and roots etc.

Where is Fennel seeds produced

Europe is considered to be the original place of fennel production but it is a commercial spice and by looking at the benefits of fennel seeds it is produced all over the world. In India, fennel is produced mainly in Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Orissa. Gujarat fennel-11, Gujarat fennel-12, NPK1, NPJ26, RF143 and RF101, PF35 are considered advanced species of fennel production.

Nutritious elements found in fennel

Fennel is a immunity booster which is found in excess of magnesium. In addition, fennel is rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, folate, vitamin k, carbohydrates, sodium, fiber, niacin, vitamin D, selenium, pantothenic acid, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory elements. These are beneficial in making healthy and fit.

Some other names of Fennel seeds

India is a multi-lingual country where each state has its own separate language. Fennel is also known by different names in different states. So let’s know what are these different types of fennel names.

  • Name of fennel in Hindi – small souf, big souf
  • Name of fennel in Sanskrit – Shalin and Madhurika
  • Fennel name in Tamil – Sohikire
  • Fennel name in Gujarati – Valiyari
  • Fennel name in punjabi – sompu
  • Fennel name in Malayalam – Kattusatkuppa
  • Aniseed’s name in Marathi – Badi Sepu
  • Aniseed’s name in Bengali – Pan Mauri
  • Fennel Name in Kannada – Subsige

Benefits of Fennel Seeds

Fennel is not only for aroma and sweet smell, there are many healthy elements which make the body fit and healthy . So, let’s know about the tremendous benefits of fennel seeds.

1. Benefits of Fennel Seeds in Destroying mouth ulcers

Mouth ulcers are a common problem seen in children to adults. There are many reasons for mouth blisters, but mainly blisters occur due to stomach upset and fever. Mouth ulcers caused by fever are called fever blister whereas common ulcers are known as aphthous ulcers. Small blisters in the mouth are extremely painful due to which there is a lot of difficulty in eating and drinking and in addition, if there are frequent mouth blisters, then these small blisters also take the form of cancer. Therefore, it is important to treat them properly on time.

Fennel is very effective in curing mouth ulcers. Actually, fennel contains vitamin C and vitamin B6 elements which help in treating ulcers. Mixing a teaspoon of fennel, a pinch of turmeric, a bay leaf and a pinch of alum in the water, after boiling the water, gargling blisters are removed from the root.

2. Benefits of Fennel Seeds in obesity

Obesity is a problem that does not take long to grow but is very difficult to reduce. If you are also troubled by your increased weight then fennel is a beneficial medicine to reduce your weight.

Fennel seeds contains magnesium, potassium and dietary fiber which helps in reducing weight. To do this remedy, boiling a spoon of fennel in a glass of water every morning and drinking that water on the stomach will not only reduce weight, but it also works to reduce excess fat.

3. Benefits of Fennel Seeds in cleansing of blood

Blood cleansing means blood purification of the body. When toxins are added to the blood of human body, that action is called impure blood. The impure blood of the body is considered to be the cause of many diseases.

Fennel seeds has vitamin C, anti microbial, anti bacterial and antiviral properties which are helpful in cleansing bleeding. Consuming fennel daily, removes toxic particles through the urine, due to which the blood of the body is purified.

4. Benefits of Fennel Seeds in removing the lack of appetite

Both stages of hunger or loss of appetite cause problems for healthy health. The problem of loss of appetite or loss of appetite in the right proportion is seen in elders as well as children.

When the body does not get sufficient amount of energy, the body becomes weak and suffers from many diseases. Fennel seeds contains vitamin C, thiamine, anti-inflammatory elements which help to increase appetite. To increase appetite, eating powder made of fennel, celery, asafoetida, cardamom, ends hunger problems.

5. Benefits of Fennel Seeds in constipation

Fennel is the surest way to cleanse the stomach and eliminate constipation from the root. The problem of constipation is increasing day by day, people take many measures to get rid of it, but they do not get success in removing constipation.

Fennel has been used for centuries to cure constipation. Fennel seeds contains fiber, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin B12, which are useful in eliminating constipation from root. Boil the powder of fennel root, celery, cumin and asafetida or boil one spoon of fennel and one teaspoon celery in a glass of water and make a decoction and take it daily, it provides a lot of benefit in constipation.

6. Benefits of Fennel Seeds in getting rid of cough

Cough is a problem due to change of seasons or due to wrong eating. Although it is a common problem, cough is a disease that affects the whole body.

If the cough persists for several days, then the people suffering from it may get the risk of TB disease, so even common diseases should never be ignored and they should be treated immediately. It is considered beneficial to use fennel to cure cough. Therefore, using fennel, you can get rid of cough too.

7. Benefits of Fennel Seeds in urine infection

Urine infection is more common in women than men. Urine infection can occur in any season. This can happen for many reasons, but here we are talking to you about the solution to correct urine infection. If you have any type of urine infection then you can use fennel. Fennel seeds has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing and treating urine infection. Taking a decoction of fennel every day provides relief in urine infection.

8. Benefits of Fennel Seeds in strengthening the digestive system

Digestive systems being poor is very harmful for the body. The right digestive system makes the body fit and healthy. As the digestive system transforms food into energy and provides nutrition and strength to the body, thereby strengthening our immunity. Due to disturbances or malfunction in the digestive system, the immunity of our body becomes weak due to which the body suffers from many diseases.

Fennel can help strengthening the digestive system, the intake of fennel not only makes the digestive system strong as well as helps the poor digestive system corrected. For this, both fennel and sugar candy should be chewed together after eating daily.

9. Benefits of Fennel Seeds in increasing Memory

To increase memory, it is advisable to eat almonds but friends many people do not like almonds. Such people can use fennel. Fennel contains vitamin B6, zinc, magnesium, flavonoids, protein, vitamin E and antioxidants which are the main memory enhancers. Therefore, you can use fennel to increase brain development and memory. Drinking fennel tea increases memory and reduces mental stress.

10. Benefits of Fennel Seeds in curing stomach disorders

Stomach disorders are not only the cause of physical problems, but are also the reason for causing mental troubles. Problems in the stomach, bloating, gas, acidity, abdominal pain, etc. occur which affect the whole body. If you want to get rid of stomach disorders in a natural way, then fennel is the best option for you. Fennel seeds contains protein, fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B12, carbohydrate and antioxidant elements which are beneficial in relieving stomach disorders. Taking fennel powder and eating it with warm water relieves stomach disorders.

11. Benefits of Fennel Seeds in regularizing the menstrual cycle

The irregularity of menstruation is called oligomenorrhea. About 50% of women face this problem. Adolescents have irregular menstrual periods during their early periods. But every time if menstruation comes irregular then it causes many diseases, so if women are suffering from this problem, then first of all they should consult a doctor. After this, you can use fennel in domestic and natural remedies. You can get rid of this problem by consuming fennel powder or decoction.

12. Benefits of Fennel Seeds in curing mouth bad smell

There are many reasons of bad smell in the mouth, besides affecting the mental and physical problems of the person, it also affects the self-esteem of the person. Sometimes the smell coming from the mouth can also become the cause of cancer, so it is very important to treat it as soon as possible, knowing the cause of the bad smell. Fennel is called a very good mouth freshener. Fennel seed contains vitamin C and antioxidant elements which help in reducing mouth odor easily.

13. Benefits of Fennel Seeds in removing skin disorders

Fennel is a very effective medicine for people suffering from itching, ringworm, rashes, scabies, freckles, wrinkles, pimples. Those who are suffering from acne, itching, ringworm, rashes, rashes, freckles or wrinkles, they can use fennel. Fennel seeds has many properties that relieve skin disorders such as vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin k, vitamin B6, protein, phosphorus, antioxidants, etc. These ingredients help in getting rid of all skin disorders.

14. Benefits of Fennel Seeds in regularizing sugar level in blood

Both high or low blood sugar level is a harmful for any person, fennel can keeps the sugar level under control. Fennel seeds contains antioxidant elements which are also helpful in lowering cholesterol. Therefore, it is beneficial for diabetic patients to drink fennel water or decoction every morning.

Some Other Benefits of Fennel seeds

Below are the some other benefits of fennel seeds:

  1. Fennel is very beneficial for the eyes. Fennel seeds contains vitamin A, vitamin E and protein which helps in increasing eyesight.
  2. The fiber and antioxidants found in fennel are beneficial in controlling cholesterol.
  3. Fennel seeds contain vitamin k which makes bones and muscles strong.
  4. Fennel contains vitamin E, protein and calcium which is beneficial in making hair thicker and stronger.
  5. Fennel seeds contains an antioxidant element that aids in controlling diabetes.
  6. Fennel is useful in protecting against flu diseases. Explain that fennel has antiviral properties that prevent infection from spreading in the body.
  7. Fennel seeds has anticancer properties that help protect the body from the symptoms of cancer.

Uses of Fennel seeds


Friends, after knowing the benefits of fennel seeds, the question may be arising in your mind that how fennel is used. So let us tell you how to use fennel and with which things to get the maximum benefits of fennel seeds.

  1. Mixing ginger powder in fennel seeds or fennel leaves can be used as tea.
  2. Fennel, almond, black pepper are used for making cold shake.
  3. You can use fennel by making fennel water.
  4. Fennel and sugar is used by making powder.
  5. It can be used by making fennel sauce.
  6. Fennel can be used to enhance the flavor of pickle spices.
  7. Fennel seeds can be used to enhance the taste in lentils, baffle.
  8. Sugar candy and fennel are used as a mouth freshener.
  9. Fennel can be used in vegetables and parathas.
  10. Can be used as juice of fennel leaves.

Side Effects of Fennel seeds

After knowing the use and benefits of fennel seeds, now we are going to tell you about the disadvantages of fennel.

  1. Fennel seeds are cold in nature, so if people with cold have constipation problem, then fennel should be consumed in very small quantity or should not be taken.
  2. Consumption of fennel is considered harmful for lactating women, so lactating women should take fennel only after consulting a doctor.
  3. Due to the excessive intake of fennel rash can come out if you get in direct contact with the sun.


So friends, this was some information related to Fennel seeds. We hope that you may now have have become familiar with all the benefits of fennel seeds and disadvantages of fennel. If you liked our information, then definitely share it among your friends.

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