11 benefits, uses and disadvantages of oregano oil | Oregano Oil Benefits and Side Effects


Benefits Of Oregano Oil: Oregano is a beneficial plant, which is used in a wide variety of cuisines as well as in Ayurvedic treatment. In the same way, the oil made from it can also be used to prevent many types of physical problems. So in this article, we are giving information about the benefits of oregano oil. However, let us be clear that it is not a complete cure for any disease, but can prevent health problems or relieve symptoms. At the same time, in the article you will learn how to use oregano oil properly to protect against the disadvantages of oregano oil.

Benefits Of Oregano Oil


The properties of oregano oil make it effective in terms of health. Also, it can be beneficial in many health problems. Here we are telling the benefits of oregano oil for health. However, prioritize medical treatment for serious health problems, as oregano oil can prevent health problems or reduce symptoms to some extent. So here are some of the benefits of oregano oil:

1. Protection from bacteria

Harmful bacteria can cause a number of diseases and infections, including skin lesions. Oregano oil can be beneficial in this problem. A research published on the website of NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) found that oregano oil has anti-bacterial properties. It can be effective for pathogenic bacteria – the bacteria that cause disease. This effect can be helpful in reducing the effects of harmful bacteria of MDR, such as the multi-drug resistant bacteria, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Acinetobacter baumannii. Not only that, but oregano oil can also be effective for skin lesions exhibiting antibiotic-like effects.

2. Lower cholesterol

Excess of cholesterol in the blood can be a problem. To combat this problem, oregano oil is also considered beneficial. A research published on the NCBI website found that a component called thymol is found in the oil of oregano. It may exhibit antihyperlipidemic effects. Its use may increase HDL (HDL-good cholesterol) and decrease LDL (LDL-damaging cholesterol). In such a situation, incorporating oregano oil in the cholesterol-lowering diet may be a good option.

3. Enriched with antioxidants

Antioxidants are substances that can prevent cell damage. It is present in many foods. It plays an important role in the body. Actually, it can help protect the body from free radicals. Free radicals, that is, free radicals, cause oxidative stress, which increases the risk of a number of health problems, such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and cataract. Thus, antioxidants can be obtained from many foods.

The antioxidant-rich foods also include oregano oil. Indeed, carvacrol and thymol present in oregano oil exhibit antioxidant properties. In such a situation, the use of oregano oil can be beneficial to protect the body from oxidative stress. This is probably the reason why its use in some diets may be beneficial.

4. Reduce fungal infection

Oregano oil can also be beneficial in fungal infections. Indeed, a research suggests that essential oil, including oregano oil, has been found useful for tinea pedis (Tinea pedis – a fungal infection in the feet). At the same time, another study has found antifungal effects in oregano oil against Candida fungal infections. In addition, Carvacrol, the main element present in oregano oil, has also been found to be useful for oral candidiasis. On this basis, it can be said that oregano leaf can protect against fungal infection by exhibiting anti fungal effect.

5. Anti Inflammatory Effect

Inflammation is believed to cause many types of problems. If it is not controlled, it can cause diseases such as arthritis, atherosclerosis i.e. plaque in the artery, and cancer. At the same time, research confirmed that oregano oil has anti-inflammatory properties. This property may show a positive effect in reducing inflammation as well as problems related to it. At the same time, another study on animals suggests that the anti-inflammatory properties of carvacrol may reduce the inflammatory problem to some extent by increasing the production of interleukin-10 (Interleukin 10 – a cytokine ie protein with potent anti-inflammatory properties).

6. Relieve Pain

The use of oregano oil can be beneficial even if there is a problem with pain. According to research, the carvacrol compound present in oregano oil has an analgesic (pain-relieving effect). This effect can be beneficial in many types of pain. According to another research, carvacrol, which is present in oregano oil, can also be beneficial in orofacial pain, or facial pain. Apart from this, this oil can also relieve head, face, neck, and mouth pain. In such a situation, the use of oregano oil can be beneficial for mild pain.

7. Keep the Stomach Healthy

Oregano oil has been used in folk medicine to treat digestive disorders. The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects present in oregano oil can help in keeping the intestines healthy. The research found the protective effect of this oil on the intestines of animals. Research has found that the oil may help improve intestinal problems and treat the intestines by killing harmful bacteria. In addition, the anti-inflammatory and anti-ulcer properties of the carvacrol compound present in oregano oil may help prevent gastric ulcer healing. However, it depends on the severity of the ulcer, so if someone has ulcer problems, it is better to give priority to medical treatment.

As we have already informed that it has analgesic properties, if there is a problem of stomachache during ulcers, then you can do a little abdominal massage with oregano oil. They are At the same time, consult a doctor before consuming oregano oil.

8. Reduce the risk of cancer

The benefits of oregano oil include cancer prevention. Indeed, carvacrol present in oregano oil has anti-tumor properties, which may be helpful in preventing colon cancer. At the same time, another research also confirms that the benefits of Oregano may prove to be effective in preventing the growth of cancer cells, especially breast and stomach. It has antiproliferative effects, which can prevent cancer cells from spreading and can also help reduce the risk of cancer. In addition, it is important to note that these home remedies can reduce the risk of cancer to some extent, but it is not its cure. In such a situation, it is necessary to get medical treatment if someone suffers from it.

9. beneficial in losing weight

Accumulation of excess fat in the body can lead to obesity, which also increases the risk of many other diseases. The benefits of oregano oil have also been seen in this problem. Actually, oregano oil contains a compound called carvacrol, which may be helpful in reducing the obesity problem to some extent. However, not just oregano oil, but a balanced diet and exercise is also necessary to lose weight.

10. Helpful in healing wounds

Oregano oil has also traditionally been used to heal and treat wounds. According to research, it has a wound-healing effect, which can help speed up the healing process. At the same time, another research has found oregano-containing ointment to be useful to prevent bacterial infection on wounds (especially on wounds after surgery). In such a situation, oregano oil can be considered useful for mild wounds. At the same time, if the wound is deep then it is better to give priority to medical treatment.

11. Prevention of side effects of medicines

Many drugs can have adverse effects. One such drug is methotrexate (a type of medicine), which is used to treat inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and cancer. As such, the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of carvacrol present in oregano oil have been found to be beneficial in preventing intestinal damage caused by methotrexate. In this case, oregano can be considered useful for the prevention of drug damage. However, the effect of each drug may be different and the effect of oregano may also vary. Therefore, if someone consumes a particular type of medicine, it is better to seek medical advice before using oregano oil.

How to use oregano oil


Several animal studies mention the consumption of oregano oil in small amounts. However, there is a lack of research on humans related to their consumption. Therefore, the doctor should be consulted about its quantity and mode of intake before its consumption. In addition, it can be used topically i.e. in many ways.

  • Apart from this, it can also be done to remove many types of problems on the skin. Its use may be beneficial in infections such as acne problems, athlete’s foot (a type of fungal infection). However, keep in mind that if the problem is serious, then prioritize medical treatment.
  • In the case of dandruff, one drop can be used by mixing oregano oil in shampoo.
  • In the case of toothache, a drop of it can be applied to the affected area by putting it on cotton. Take care not to swallow it.
  • At the same time, experts believe that a drop can be used to enhance the taste of food or as a dressing in salads.

Note: It should not be used directly on the skin. Also, a patch test must be done before using it. Also, if someone has a health problem, it is better to include it in the diet only after consulting a doctor.

Disadvantages Oregano Oil | Side Effects of Oregano Oil


Oregano oil is beneficial for health in many ways, but its side effects have also been observed in some cases. Here we are telling you about the disadvantages of oregano oil.

  • Oregano oil is very effective, but it can cause irritation if not diluted properly. So before using it, mix it with olive or coconut oil and use it. Do a patch test before using it on your skin.
  • People taking diabetes medicine do not need oil intake, as it can lower blood sugar levels.
  • Those who are on any drug should be wary of taking oregano oil as it may affect the effectiveness of the drugs.
  • It is not generally considered safe for pregnant women to consume.

Now you must have understood very well how you can reap the benefits of oregano oil. Through the article, you will have got information about the advantages of oregano oil as well as the disadvantages of oregano oil. In such a situation, it is better to seek medical advice before consuming it. At the same time, it may be beneficial to use oregano oil externally.

frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I use oregano oil on my face?

Yes, but before using it, mix it in coconut or jojoba oil and double it.

Does oregano oil help in treating sinus infection?

Yes, there has been reported use of oregano oil in sinus infection . However, it is better to get a medical consultation before its use.

How do you use oregano oil for hair growth?

It can be used in combination with coconut or argan oil to enhance hair growth. However, there is no research on how oregano oil can enhance hair growth.

How to choose oregano oil and keep it safe for a long time?

Oregon oil can be easily available from the market. If seen, there is no need to take care of any special things regarding its selection. It can be purchased from any medical shop by inquiring about good quality oregano oil. At the same time, online can also be selected oregano oil written pure words in the bottle of oregano oil. Apart from this, oregano oil can also be selected on the basis of the review. Also, while purchasing, be sure to check its manufacture date and expiry date. It can easily be stored for a long time in an air-tight bottle at room temperature.


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